Deer Run Annual Events

ANNUAL DEER RUN NEIGHBORHOOD YARD SALE is usually held the first Saturday in June.  Deer Run and Meredith Heights usually conduct neighborhood yard sales on the same day and share the advertising expenses.

ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION OF DIRECTORS FOR THE DEER RUN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATON (DRCO) is held the second week of March.  Members (all Deer Run homeowners) receive a notice of the meeting at least ten days prior to the meeting, along with early reminders in the Deer Run neighborhood newsletter.

NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS, ALERTS AND NOTIFICATIONS are also provided via email to all DRCO members, as well as to all Deer Run Nextdoor subscribers.  Nextdoor is a free Internet social media site that enables Deer Run residents to share helpful information, as well as questions and recommendations on everything from plumbers, to landscape services, to baby sitters to pet sitters. Residents also use it to discuss problems, concerns,  events and opportunities.  Subscribers can choose to share posts only with Deer Run subscribers; but also have the option of sharing a post with more than 2,000 Nextdoor subscribers in 29 nearby neighborhoods.  You must be a Deer Run resident to subscribe to Deer Run Nextdoor. To subscribe, visit