In attendance (via Zoom Video Conference): Dennis Peters, Bob Stewart, John and Adean Vitale, Rena Beyke, Lloyd Gill, Kathy Dobson, Barbara Paul, Keith & Mary Heino, Helen Muterspaugh

President Dennis Peters called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. There were at least 15 present (including 11 proxy ballots) for a quorum.

President’s Report:

1. Dennis reported with the number of members present, total number of proxies, number of proxies for:

  • Secretary Adean Vitale (11 proxy votes)
  • Bob Stewart (1 proxy vote)
  • Candace Peters (1 proxy vote)
  • Dennis declared we have at least 15 votes with those present at the meeting and proxy votes.

2. There were 11 properties in Deer Run that sold in 2020. Prices ranged from $407K to $499K. Average was $457K.

3. Dennis presented the Amendments to Bylaws – since last annual meeting

  • Set 2nd week of March as time for annual meeting
  • Authorized the use of electronic communication for official business and for the conduct of HOA meetings
  • Provides for the appointment of directors if a quorum is not present at an annual meeting

4. Dennis presents the Amendments to Rules & Regulations – since last annual meeting

  • Established a new method of charging fines for violation of covenants and R&Rs
  • Clarified what constitutes the storage of vehicles
  • Authorized the board to have landscaping work done on a homeowner’s lot if they neglect to do so and to bill the homeowner for the cost
  • Established a comprehensive set of rules for street trees in order to comply with city ordinance and guidelines
  • Rewrote the rule on display of signs to better explain what is allowed and enables homeowners to request approval for exceptions

5. Amendment to Deer Run Protective Covenants with respect to rental properties is now out for homeowner vote. 45% of homeowners have responded so far.

6. A major effort was undertaken to gain compliance with the city’s and HOA rules on obstruction of sidewalks by trees and shrubs

7. A Tree Committee was established to make recommendations with respect to street trees

  • Resulting in the street tree rules referred to earlier
  • Project undertaken to arrange a contract to remove Thundercloud Plum street trees and other dead/diseased trees and to purchase replacement trees for the homeowners who elect to participate in the project. The cost of the project will be billed to the participating homeowners. 10 homeowners have signed up to have their trees removed (the price for removal will vary based on each tree). Dennis is in the process of finding the replacement trees.

8. Contracted to have a dead tree in the NGPA that was a hazard to a property cut down and for a second tree, that had fallen and was hanging over the roof of a house, cut back to remove that hazard.

9. Dennis explained NGPA (Native Growth Protection Area) and liability that poses for DRCO HOA. The board authorized Dennis to offer donating the NGPA to the city of Poulsbo (Parks & Recreation Dept.). At their April 26, 2021 meeting Dennis will present this offer. It was noted that 13 homeowner’s lots back up to the NGPA.

Treasurer’s Report:

Balance sheet – see Statement of Financial Position as of December 31, 2020.

Income statement see Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual

2021 Budget – see 2021 Annual Budget. John made a motion to approve the 2021 Budget, Bob seconded. Motion carried.

Election of Board of Officers:

Rena Beyke was nominated by proxy twice. There was a vote of the members present, that also included the proxy-designated votes, and the vote passed to elect Rena to the board of directors.

The Annual meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Adean Vitale, DRCO Secretary