Annual Meeting – May 1, 2019


In attendance: Candy & Dennis Peters, Judy Hossner, Gene & Sandra Bullock, Helen Muterspaugh, Bob & Cheri Stewart, Kathy and Chuck Dobson, and Debbie Munroe

Proxies: 13, attached

The meeting was called to order at 7:05PM.

President’s report: DRCO President Candy Peters welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes from the last annual meeting held on May 2, 2018 were distributed. It was motioned to approve the minutes, seconded and approved.

Candy reviewed the past year’s fines and liens placed on homes in violation of covenants and unpaid DRCO dues. The DRCO Board is taking action against Members with a multi-year history of neglecting to pay annual DRCO dues and ignoring interest penalties and fines.

Candy advised the attendees that the Board followed the Arborist recommendations to remove several fir trees along Bjorn St., after receiving approval from the City of Poulsbo.

The new board will be tasked with looking for a new attorney.

Treasurer’s report: DRCO Treasurer Dennis Peters provided a detailed financial report and distributed copies to those present. He explained that copies of the revised Rules and Regulations were distributed to each homeowner. The new rules have made the fines for unpaid bills easier to understand and manage. A motion to approve the Treasurer report was moved, seconded and approved.

New and old business: Three new Board members were elected and approved by all. They are: Bob Stewart (2 years), Gene Bullock (1 year) and Dennis Peters (2 years).

Judy Hossner reviewed the Map Your Neighborhood emergency preparedness program. She still needs three area captains.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:32PM.

Respectfully submitted

Debbie Munroe, DRCO Secretary