Annual Meeting – May 2, 2018


In attendance: Debbie Munroe, Candy & Dennis Peters, Steve & Judy Hossner, Gene & Sandra Bullock, Sam Nighswonger, Sonny Knight, Susan Jellicoe, Helen Muterspaugh, Judy Ryker, Elizabeth Roth, Larry B & Jeanette Rerecich, Rena Reyke, and Bob & Cherie Stewart.

Proxies: 16, attached

The meeting was called to order at 7:05 PM.

President’s report: DRCO President Candy Peters welcomed everyone to the meeting. The minutes from the last annual meeting held on May 9, 2017 were distributed. Judy Hossner requested that the minutes be revised to reflect that the house on “the lower corner of Miss Ellis Loop. Debbie agreed to change the wording. Judy moved to approve the minutes, Rena second the motion and the minutes were approved unanimously.

Candy thanked Sandy Bullock for her previous service on the board.

Old business:

Candy reviewed the past year’s fines and liens placed on homes in violation of covenants and unpaid DRCO dues. The Drco Board is taking action against Members with a multi-year history of neglecting to pay annual DRCO dues and ignoring interest penalties and fines. The City of Poulsbo has enforced statutes prohibiting the use of Deer Run yards and streets to conduct home-based businesses.

Candy discussed the arborist report on the condition of Deer Run trees, the addition of waste receptacles to our four Mutt Mitt stations, and the replacement of the Bjorn Creek Bridge fence.

Treasurer’s report: DRCO Treasurer Dennis Peters provided a detailed financial report and distributed copies to those present. He explained the Board’s decision to change the DRCO fiscal year end to December 31 to simplify bookkeeping and align it with the calendar year. Interest-bearing CDs have been purchased with a portion of DRCO reserves. About 60 Members have already agreed to receive their statements by email.

Debbie Munroe’s two-year term on the Board of Director’s expired as of the Annual Meeting. Debbie was nominated by Rena Reyke, and it was seconded by Judy Hossner. There were no other candidates. Debbie was unanimously re-elected to the DRCO Board of Directors, but she agreed to run for re-election. No other candidates stepped forward, so she was unanimously re-elected.

New business:

Judy Hossner reviewed the Map Your Neighborhood emergency preparedness program. She still needs three area captains.

The Bjorn sign is missing on Noll Road. Debbie reported the missing sign to City of Poulsbo.

Fiber Optix in Deer Run and painting addresses on curbs was discussed and agreed that it should be put in the newsletter to see how the homeowners felt about pursuing these ideas.

Sam Nighswonger asked about the increased coyote presence. It was suggested that he call wildlife control to report the problem.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted

Debbie Munroe, DRCO Secretary