In attendance: Dennis & Candy Peters, Gene and Sandy Bullock, Bob Stewart, John & Adean Vitale, Karyn Lidington

The meeting was called to order at 6:35 PM at 2315 Bjorn St.  The minutes of the last meeting were approved.

Presidents report:

1. Kathy Dobson has completed the plantings at the Noll Rd entrance and presented invoices for the plants. The board approved the total sum of $704.13 (including an amount of $40.77 for a missing invoice).

2. Dennis will obtain a bid from Green Triangle Landscaping for the cost to apply mulch and research the cost decorative mulch for the Noll Road newly landscaped area. About $2,000 of the budgeted amount remains available to complete the project. A discussion followed about edging along the sidewalk to control the sliding of mulch onto the sidewalk. The board decided to hold off installation of edging until it was determined to be necessary.

3. No response has been received from the City of Poulsbo about a request for crosswalks and establishment of a school speed zone at the Gustaf path to the middle school ballfields. Dennis will pursue this further with the mayor.

4. Candy reported that some of the winners of the Christmas decoration prize said they don’t want an award as they just enjoyed decorating. She proposed eliminating those prizes. The board decided that the awards should continue because they might encourage other homeowners to decorate.

5. Bylaws amendment approved at the November meeting were distributed to all members.

Treasurer’s report: see attached.

1. Detailed financial statement and copies of financial institution statements were emailed previously to the board members. The account balances and activity were summarized for the non-board members present.

2. One membership still owes annual dues – which membership is a house recently sold at a foreclosure auction and is now for sale, on the market with a real estate agent. It is expected that all past due amount will be collected at closing of a sale.

3. Dennis moved to approve all November and December expenses. Motion carried.

4. Dennis moved that the fiscal year-end financial statements be approved and forwarded to the accountant for preparation of the DRCO tax return. Motion carried.

Tree Presentation

– John Vitale presented a report on street trees. He has talked to various city employees about this issue. The two main problems are that people are:

(1) not pruning their trees either to allow pedestrians unobstructed use of the sidewalk or for trucks on the street to pass without impediment/ damage to the trees, and (2) that DRCO has no plan or policy about replacing street trees, especially the flowering plums on Bjorn Street. The board agreed that (1) is both a violation of City ordinances and a violation of HOA covenants and needs to be treated as such. It was noted that this is a long standing problem complicated by difficulty of having the pruning done properly. The board will provide to the membership sources of information about pruning for the homeowners who wish to do the work themselves and will followup with notifications of covenant violations. With respect to (2), Dennis asked the board for authorization to form a committee to research the issue and to present recommendations to the board. The board agreed on that approach.

Old & New Business

1. It was noted that other covenant violations are ongoing and need to be addressed. The board agreed.

2. The 2020 budget was approved as presented (see attached).

3. Dennis moved that changes to the Bylaws (see attached) be adopted. Motion carried. The changes add electronic means, i.e. email and text messaging, to the approved methods of official and other communication with members.

4. The board concluded that current Rules and Regulations about littering are sufficient; and new or revised R&Rs are unneeded.

The meeting adjourned at 8:04 pm.

Candace D. Peters, Secretary