In attendance: Dennis Peters, Bob Stewart, John and Adean Vitale, Helen Muterspaugh, Debbie Munroe, Larry Brixius, Jeanette Rerecich, Judy Hossner, Kathy Dobson, Joseph DeVita, Judy Lawrence

The meeting was called to order at 3:00PM at 2315 Bjorn St.

The minutes of the last meeting from June 4, 2020 were approved.

Presidents Report:

1. President Dennis Peters reported getting a bid for clearing dirt and debris along Noll Road, clearing weeds and blackberry bushes at the Bjorgen Creek fence. He is waiting on the bid for refreshing gravel and rock and removing two plum trees at the Bjorn St. entrance.

2. The tree committee met in June and walked the entire Deer Run neighborhood. Many questions have to be asked/answered from the city, such as what would be replaced if the dying plumb trees throughout the neighborhood were to be removed. The committee will continue to meet and come up with a plan.

3. Emails were sent out to homes that need to trim their trees for 8 ft. clearance under the sidewalk, and to trim any shrubs obstructing the sidewalk with a deadline of July 25, 2020 to perform the necessary pruning/trimming. Note: the email also included that if homeowners are unable to physically trim their tree, then the board will try to find volunteers to assist. A follow up inspection of properties will be conducted after July 25, 2020.

Treasurer’s Report:

Detailed financial statements and copies of financial institution statements were emailed previously to the board members. The account balances and activity was summarized for the non-board members present. Bob moved to approve June expenses. Motion carried.

New Business:

Amendment to Deer Run Bylaws

Article 1. Section 4. Members and Membership.
Regarding notice of association meetings. See Exhibit* below. Bob made a motion to approve the change. Motion carried.

Article VII. Method of Business Transactions.
Regarding notice of association meetings. See Exhibit* below. Bob made a motion to approve the change. Motion carried.

Amendment to Deer Run Rules & Regulations:

Enforcement Policy and Fines. Regarding landscape maintenance enforcement and compliance. See Exhibit* below. Bob made a motion to approve the addition of section 3. Motion carried.

Storage of items. An unlicensed vehicle and vehicle with expired registration must be stored in garage or behind fence. See Exhibit* below. Bob made a motion to approve. Motion carried.

Vehicles and Parking. Parking an unlicensed vehicle or vehicle with expired registration on a lot driveway is prohibited. See Exhibit* below. Bob made a motion to approve. Motion carried.

DRCO Communication Process. Regarding method of communication, electronic communication shall be used whenever possible. See Exhibit* below. Bob made a motion to approve. Motion carried.


2. Reschedule Annual Yard Sale. The board hoped to reschedule the annual summer yard sale to early Fall 2020. Due to the COVID pandemic and governor-ordered “phases” going slower than expected, the board and those in attendance agreed it was in the best interest and safety of everyone to cancel the 2020 yard sale.

3. Rental Property Rule. A discussion took place on looking at potentially limiting the number/percentage of rental homes in Deer Run. It was agreed the Board would research further and will put together wording on this to be presented to vote by all community members on at the next annual meeting.

4. Sidewalk Obstructions. See Presidents report above, item 3. After a follow up inspection of the homes that received emails to clear sidewalks/trim trees by July 25, 2020, any residents that have still not complied will be sent a final letter.

5. Email Account. The board authorized Dennis pursue setting up a Deer Run Google Suite account so emails would come from @drco.org. and newsletters could be sent through this new email. Cost would be $6 per month and the cloud account would have 30 GB of storage.

6. Covenant Violations. A discussion was held on reminding residents to submit a Deer Run application form for dwelling, paint, re-roofing and or making landscape changes (available on the DRCO.org website). Current violations involving work being done without obtaining the required board approval was discussed and the board approved further violation enforcement action if the violations are not corrected. The board approved waiver of part of a fine for a noncompliance that has since been corrected.

The meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.

Adean Vitale, DRCO Secretary


Amendment to Deer Run Bylaws (note: approved changes are highlighted in red)


4. Notice of Meetings. Change second sentence to read: “Such notice of the meeting shall be published by regular mail or electronic means, except as provided in RCW 64.38.035 Notice of association meetings, such as email or text message by the secretary or by the person or persons authorized to call meeting of members.”


Except as provided in RCW 64.38.035 Notice of association meetings, this corporation may transact official and other business with membership by regular mail or electronic means.


Amendments to Deer Run Rules and Regulations

ENFORCEMENT POLICY AND FINES   add new numbered section:

3. If landscaping maintenance described in a notice of violation in accordance with Section 2.A. is not performed within the time frame specified in the notice, the Board may, in addition to any other enforcement rights, contract to have the maintenance performed by a licensed and bonded landscape maintenance contractor and charge all costs incurred by DRCO for said contract to the Member.


Storage of Items

1. An unlicensed vehicle or a vehicle with expired registration, RV’s and small boats (such as, but not limited to, canoes, personal watercraft, rowboats, rafts or kayaks) must be stored completely inside the garage, or behind a



1. No RVs, motor homes, trailers, campers, boats, may be stored in Deer Run Lot driveways or front yards. Stowage of these items behind a fenced area is permissible, provided that they are not visible to others from the street. Parking of any automobile in the Deer Run Lot other than driveway or in garage is not permitted. Parking an unlicensed vehicle or a vehicle with expired registration on a Lot driveway is prohibited.



Method of Communication

In order to make communication with members timelier, efficient and cost effective, electronic communication methods shall be used whenever possible.  Members who have an email address are required to notify the board of directors of that electronic address.