March 6, 2018


In attendance: Gene Bullock, Sandy Bullock, Debbie Munroe, Candy Peters, Dennis Peters and Rena Beyke

The meeting was called to order at 7:10 PM. The minutes from January 9, 2018 were passed around for the board members to read. No corrections were made. The minutes were approved by Candy and Gene.

Treasurer’s report presented by Dennis Peters:

The bank and financial reports are included herein, Dennis outlined the highlights

CD purchased from Nationwide Bank to make higher interest than sitting in bank.

A list of homeowners not current with association fees was discussed. It was agreed that another letter with fines be sent to non-complying homeowners.

Bjorn bridge fence update: half paid and on March 25th the fence will be installed and the second half will be due.

Bjorn bridge fence replacement is in 8 foot sections straight across 2 property owners on both sides of the bridge. Waivers from each property owner were obtained for the bridge fence replacement to proceed.

Insurance: Farmers and Traveller’s prices higher than State Farm. We agreed that the insurance needed for DRCO is Director and Officers Business Liability which will be $500 per year with State Farm. A motion was made with a second to have Dennis pursue the new insurance, since the current insurance is obsolete.

New business:

Rena made two suggestions:
1) DRCO should look into having the addresses stenciled on the curb to make it easier for our homes to be found by emergency personnel

2) Contact City of Poulsbo to have the Bjorn Street sign replaced on Noll Rd.

Meeting adjourned at 8:25 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Munroe