May 8, 2019


Meeting called to order at 6:35 pm at 2315 Bjorn St.

Board members present: Bob Stewart, Gene Bullock, Dennis Peters

Attending: Sandy Bullock

Dennis recorded the minutes of this meeting and presided until officers were elected, in the absence of Candy Peters and Debbie Munroe.

Dennis presented a summary of the minutes of the March meeting. Minutes approved.

Officers were elected as follows:

President – Dennis Peters
Vice President – Gene Bullock
Secretary – Candy Peters
Treasurer – Dennis Peters

Dennis presented information with respect to the process used to search for a new attorney to represent the HOA. Motion by Bob and seconded for Dennis to proceed in meeting with Poulsbo attorney Lincoln Miller to pursue engaging him as Deer Run’s attorney going forward and to act as the HOA’s registered agent. Motion approved.

Motion by Bob and seconded for Dennis to also engage Lincoln Miller to execute a lien on the property at [redacted] for nonpayment of dues, and to discuss transferring the amendment of the lien on [redacted] from Sherrard McGonagle to Lincoln Miller. Motion approved.

Gene presented an outline of the next Deer Run News Letter.

Bob pointed out that the yard at [redacted] is not being maintained and that the front yard fence has fallen. Dennis is to write to the owner informing him of the Covenant violation, giving him the option of mowing the yard or having the HOA hire someone to mow it and bill him that cost, and to request that the fence be repaired or removed.

Gene informed the board that Meredith Heights has put out it’s signs for the joint Deer Run – Meredith Heights yard sale on June 1. Dennis to retrieve the sandwich board signs from Judy Hossner, set up the Deer Run boards, and arrange for an ad in the newspaper.

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 pm.

Dennis Peters