Held via Zoom Video Conference

In attendance: Dennis Peters, Bob Stewart, John and Adean Vitale, Cathy Allen, Jarrid McAuliff, Nadine Green, Rena Beyke

The Zoom video conference meeting was called to order at 6:30pm.

The minutes of the last meeting from September 18, 2020 were approved.

Presidents Report:
1. President Dennis Peters reported the dead tree in the Native Growth Protection Area (NGPA) behind Rena Beyke’s home was removed.

2. Seven applications from DRCO homeowners for dwelling/landscape changes were received and approved. Those were mostly for having new roofs installed.

3. There was one instance of covenant non-compliance, which has since been taken care of.

Treasurer’s Report:
1. Detailed financial statements and copies of financial institution statements were emailed previously to the board members. The account balances and activity was summarized for the non-board members present. Bob moved to approve September expenses. Motion carried.

Old Business

1. Amendment to Convenants. Following up from prior board meeting discussions, Dennis presented a proposed Declaration of Protective Covenants to limit the number of rental properties in Deer Run. There are three proposed changes. First is that any Member cannot have more than one approved rental Lot. Second is the maximum number of permitted rental Lots. Third was that no rental of Lot will be granted Rental Approval until the Lot has been occupied by the Member or Related Party for 12 continuous months. It was noted that the DRCO covenants Rules & Regulations would include a hardship clause (ie: military transfer, change of job). A discussion took place and the number of approved Lots was set at 28 Lots (20% of the total of lots in Deer Run). Bob made motion to approve the number at 28 Lots. Motion carried. NOTE: there will still be discussion leading up to the final proposed amendment prior to the annual board meeting in Spring 2021. 60% of Members (homeowners) in Deer Run need to vote yes and approve the Amendment to Covenants in order for it to become official. *See Exhibit A.

2. Tree Committee Recommendation for Street Trees. The tree committee presented a list of approved street trees. John made a motion to approve the list of trees. Motion carried. *See Exhibit B.

New Business:

1. Signage Covenant and Rule. Dennis reviewed the definition of professional signs in the covenants (no larger than one square foot). A discussion took place and it was agreed that professional signs are temporary signs only, for work being done on the home and/or real estate for sale signs.

2. Add Doggie Station Near Path to School Yard. There was a request for a homeowner that another doggie stations be added in this spot. A discussion took place and it was agreed that Deer Run does not need to add any more doggie stations. John made a motion to deny the request. Motion carried.

3. Stop Supplying Mutt Mitts for Doggie Stations. Deer Run supplies mutt mitts to the stations and people from both in Deer Run and outside of our community take them freely. There was a discussion to stop supplying them and it was the consensus to continue to supply the mutt mitts.

4. Plant trees on Gustaf Street along Meredith Heights Open Space Tracts. There was a request from a homeowner to plant trees on Gustaf to beautify the entrance. This would need to be approved by Meredith Heights homeowners association and the trees would need to be maintained by Deer Run. A discussion took place and it was the consensus that since many of the trees in Deer Run will need to be replaced and maintained by homeowners, this was not something the board wants to pursue. John made a motion to not pursue planting trees on the open space tracts, Bob seconded. Motion carried.

5. Survey Property Lines of NGPA Tracts D, E, and F. – Donate those tracts to City of Poulsbo. Dennis discussed the possibility of donating those tracts to the City of Poulsbo. Bob moved to approach the city to donate the tracts. John seconded. Motion carried.

The video conference meeting adjourned at 7:57pm.

Adean Vitale, DRCO Secretary


*Exhibit A:



Section 1. Definitions. As used herein:

6. The word “Tenant” shall refer to a tenant, lessee, renter, or other non-owner occupant of a Lot that is not occupied by its owner who occupies a Lot or any portion of a Lot as a permanent residence or who stays overnight in any Lot for more than fourteen (14) days in any calendar month, or more than thirty (30) days in any calendar year.   For the purpose of the declaration, the Tenant shall not include a Related Party.

7. The word “Member” shall refer to a fee title owner of a Lot.

8. The words “Related Party” shall refer to a person who has been certified in a written document filed by a fee title owner of a Lot to be the (1) parent, (2) parent in law, (3) sibling, (4) sibling in law, (5) parent’s sibling or (6) lineal descendant of the owner or (7) the lineal descendent of any of the forgoing persons, (8) the domestic partner or owner, as “domestic partner” is defined by Seattle Municipal Code Section 4.30.020, or any amendment of successor to such statute, or if the statute is repealed, the definition last contained in the statute before its repeal, or the statute adopted by the City of Poulsbo if it adopts such a statute, (9) the officer, director or employee of any owner which is a corporation, (10) member or employee of any owner that is a partnership.

9. The words “Rental Agreement” shall refer to any agreement, written or oral, related to the renting or leasing of any Lot or portion of a Lot.

Building and Land Use Restrictions

Section 9. Restrictions Upon Rentals. This Section applies to the renting or leasing of Lots (collectively, “renting” or “rental”), including all tenancies of any duration, all tenancies with options to purchase, all tenancies with first rights of refusal, and all living arrangements in any way governed by the provisions of RCW 59.12 or RCW 59.18, and shall also apply to any sublease of a Lot and the assignment of any lease of a Lot. No Lot owner Member may rent a Lot or any portion of a Lot without prior written approval (“Rental Approval”) of the directors of the Community Organization (Board). No rental of a Lot or any portion of a Lot shall be valid or enforceable unless it complies with the provisions of this Section.

Members shall be limited to one approved rental Lot. The total maximum number of Units Lots permitted to be rented within Deer Run Divisions 1, 2 and 3 shall be_____ Lots. for such reasons as the Board deems appropriate, including but not limited to maintaining an owner-occupied residential environment. No rental of a Lot shall be granted Rental Approval until the Lot has been occupied by the Member or a Related Party for 12 continuous months. The Board may adopt Rules and Regulations in furtherance of the administration of this Section. The Section shall be effective upon approval by the membership as prescribed in Article G Section 1 and publication to the membership. Lots subject to a current Rental Agreement on the effective date of this Section are granted ninety (90) days from the effective date of the Section to complete the rental documentation requirements of this Section and those published in the Deer Run Community Organization Rules & Regulations.


*Exhibit B:



Crab Apple (must be used on Bjorn St., may be used on any other street)
   ~ Adirondack
   ~ Prairifire

Tartarian Maple

Rocky Mountain Glow Maple
   ~ Schmidt


Red Maple
   ~ Autumn Flame
   ~ Norwegian Sunset

   ~ Lakeview
   ~ Princeton Sentry


English Oak
   ~ Fastigiata

Zelkova serrata
   ~ Wireless

Liquidambar – fruitless

Red Maple
   ~ Bowhall
   ~ Scarlet Sentinal
   ~ Karpick
   ~ October Glory
   ~ Red Sunset
   ~ Schlesinger