In attendance: Candy & Dennis Peters, Gene & Sandy Bullock, Bob Stewart, Kathy Dobson and John & Adean Vitale

Meeting opened at 6:30 PM. The minutes were approved as read.

President’s report:

Dennis briefed the board on the requirements to place multiway stop signs at the intersection of upper Miss Ellis Loop and Bjorn St. It was agreed to not pursue that matter. The board authorized Dennis to formally request the City of Poulsbo for crosswalks across Miss Ellis Loop at Gustav and across Gustav at the path to the Middle School ballfields. This area may also qualify as a school speed limit zone – which will also be requested.

Dennis presented some information on restrictions on drone flying. John Vitale volunteered to put this information on the DRCO website, as well as the minutes and newsletters.

Treasurer’s report: attached.

Dennis asked for discretionary authorization to invest funds not needed in the near term into additional bank certificates of deposit. Gene and Bob approved that action. John asked if there is a limit on the amount of money in reserve, and if so, is it set by the Board. The answer was no to both queries.

Welcome committee:

Sandy reported that nine welcome baskets have been distributed so far this year. They contain a welcome card with a gift card for Central Market, some information about activities in Poulsbo and are accompanied by a potted plant.

Old business:

Gene moved that we once again award prizes for holiday decorations. Bob seconded and the motion passed. Three $50 gift cards will be awarded in no particular order.

Kathy Dobson spoke about the Noll/Bjorn landscaping. She worked up a plant list with the maximum price for each, the total being roughly $750. Planting should take place in October. Dennis will talk to Green Triangle Landscaping (with whom we have a maintenance contract) about digging the holes.

The Board discussed ongoing violations of the Rules & Regulations, including visible trash/recycling/yard waste containers, overhanging tree and encroaching shrubs along the sidewalks, and parking on lawns. Homeowners who are violation of the covenants and Rules & Regulations will be reminded of the HOA requirements.

Dennis reviewed the city ordinances about street parking violations and will send an email to all homeowners and renters of the most relevant ordinances.

In the course of a discussion of violation of HOA Covenants and Rules & Regulations, Dennis informed the board of legal advice to make sure that action to be taken in those situations is included in the Rules & Regulations so homeowners know exactly what and when action will be taken against violators. Bob moved that Dennis draft something for review and Gene seconded. Passed.

The meeting adjourned around 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Candace D. Peters