In attendance via Zoom video conference: Dennis Peters, Bob Stewart, John and Adean Vitale, Rena Beyke

The Zoom video conference meeting was called to order at 8:05pm.

The minutes of the last meeting on January 19, 2021 were waived for approval at the next meeting.

Election of 2021 Officers:

John nominated Dennis for President. Bob seconded. Dennis was voted in as President for another year.

Adean will remain as Secretary for the second year of her two-year term.

John will remain as VP of the Board for the second year of his two-year term.

Rena made a motion for Dennis for Treasurer. John seconded. Dennis was voted in as Treasurer for another year.

Dennis suggested that Bob Stewart stay on as an officer of the Board because he is the bank approved check signer. Note: it takes 6 months to set up a new signer. Dennis nominated Bob as officer of the Board (not a voting member of the board). The vote passed and Bob will serve on the Board for another year.

The three DRCO Officers with voting rights for 2021 are Dennis Peters, John Vitale and Rena Beyke.

New Business:

A discussion on having the doggie bags emptied more frequently in the warmer months. Dennis will ask the landscapers if they can do that and report back to the board at the next meeting.

The video conference meeting adjourned at 8:34pm.


Adean Vitale, DRCO Secretary