DRCO Board Meeting

July 18, 2019


In attendance: Dennis Peters, Gene & Sandy Bullock, Bob Stewart, Judy Hossner, Kathy Dobson, John & Adean Vitale, Elizabeth Roth

Meeting called to order at 6:35 PM.

Board reports:

Dennis reviewed the minutes of the last meeting (which had been previously sent to Board members). There were no additions or corrections and the minutes were approved.

Dennis then gave the Treasurer’s report. In addition, he told the Board that he had submitted the annual registration to the state instead of asking our attorney to do it, thus saving the legal fee. He reported five home sales so far this year. John Vitale asked if there was money budgeted for washing the mailbox stations. The Board replied that there was not and that DRCO had usually relied on homeowners washing them.

Judy Hossner talked about the Emergency Preparedness work she’s been doing with the Map Your Neighborhood program. There are still four sections that need captains and a few more whose captains are moving. She has met with the sections and is hopeful that people will come forward. She mentioned that August 6th is National Night Out, and she hopes that people will take that opportunity to get out and meet their neighbors. Dennis is going to notify Judy when new owners move in so she can make sure they’ve received MYN folders. Sandy Bullock said she would include them in the welcome baskets.

Pursuant to the MYN comments, Kathy Dobson said that the house plans that the city keeps will soon be available to homeowners if they want them. These plans are helpful in that they show utility shut-offs which are sometimes difficult to locate. The Board will get this information to DRCO homeowners.

Old business:

Dennis reported that he’d talked to an attorney about putting a lien on the property of a homeowner who had not paid his dues. The attorney discouraged that, as the amount involved was small in proportion to the penalties. Dennis then talked to the homeowner, who said he would get a check to DRCO shortly.

New business:

Landscaping – Kathy Dobson presented a design for the Noll Road entrance. Discussion followed about plants, etc. The Board asked her to take charge of the Noll road landscaping renovation and she agreed. She will also prune the azaleas and rhododendrons which are making it difficult to see the Deer Run sign.

Drones – The Board and non-board members present had a discussion about drones. A couple of homeowners like to fly them and other homeowners view them as invading their privacy. It was agreed by all that if a homeowner has a problem with drones over his property he should first approach the flyer with his objections. Gene will put an article in the newsletter about drones and respecting neighbors’ privacy.

Street Parking – The board and homeowners present discussed the problems caused by people parking on the narrower streets in Deer Run. There is concern about access by emergency vehicles and danger to children playing along and in the street. The board discussed one-side-only parking, but that is infeasible as it would require (per town policy) 100% agreement by the affected homeowners.

Increased traffic through DRCO – Methods of slowing down traffic through DRCO were discussed. The board decided to request a new speed limit sign at Caldart and Gustav. Bob moved that the Board ask the town about the criteria for getting additional stop signs at intersections. The Board approved and will do so. The Board decided to postpone requesting a traffic count until the new subdivision across Noll Rd has been completed.

Time did not allow for a discussion about additional rules & regulations.

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Candace Peters