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Deer Run annual events

ANNUAL DEER RUN NEIGHBORHOOD YARD SALE is usually held the first Saturday in June. Deer Run and Meredith Heights usually conduct neighborhood yard sales on the same day and share the advertising expenses.

ANNUAL MEETING AND ELECTION OF DIRECTORS FOR THE DEER RUN COMMUNITY ORGANIZATON is held the second week of March. Members (all Deer Run homeowners) receive a notice of the meeting at least ten days prior to the meeting, along with early reminders in the Deer Run neighborhood newsletter.

Deer Run emergency preparedness

In a disaster of any kind, our most immediate source of help is the neighbors living around us. We live in an area where the likelihood of earthquakes and winter storms is high. A temporary power outage may be a minor inconvenience, but a major disaster could leave us isolated and totally on our own for days and maybe even weeks. Police, fire departments and other emergency resources will need to focus first on the most urgent needs of hospitals, schools and public facilities. In short we will be our own first responders. It’s important that we map our neighborhood and develop a plan, so that we know what resources are available here in our community. The team needs unit captains to canvass their sections and gather information, and other volunteers to help organize the information into a coherent plan. Please join your neighbors in this important effort.

Visit the Emergency Preparedness web page at this link.


Replacing your roof? Adding a deck or retaining wall? The City of Poulsbo requires permit approval before starting work.

The City of Poulsbo requires all homeowners to obtain a roofing permit, deck permit or retaining wall permit PRIOR to allowing any contractor to install a new roof, deck, rockery, or retaining wall over four feet tall. Do not trust solely on your contractor to file a permit without written verification. The permit MUST be visibly posted outside your home BEFORE starting work. The permit ensures that the contractor has a valid city license and that upon completion of your project, a city building inspector will arrive onsite to be sure the contractor has performed the work to proper building code standards. Failure to get a permit may cause a delay in the midst of construction and/or penalty fee.

• Remember to also notify your Deer Run Homeowners Association for approval of construction changes well in advance.

• To file a permit with the city, please check out the following link or phone the City Building Dept. at (360) 394-9882.

Noll Road corridor plan

Click on City of Poulsbo Planning Department’s website page below:

City of Poulsbo’s Noll Road Corridor project web page