Deer Run House Paint Color Guide

Improved House Color Palette

In 2007 Deer Run adopted a color palette for house paints. Since then, the Board has worked with Peninsula Paints in Poulsbo to create a color palette that compliments our existing paint colors and offers updated choices as well.

Contact to obtain color samples.

  • Paint samples for Deer Run are also available at:
         Peninsula Paints 
         20530 Viking Way 

Please note that approval is required prior to any exterior paint being applied. In addition, all guidelines must be followed set forth in the covenant.

If you are considering major changes to your home such as painting, removing trees, and remodeling, you need to notify the Board before you begin work. The Board needs to approve changes to ensure that the covenants are being enforced and the neighborhood retains its desirable qualities. Forms are available on the website and through the Board.

Click here for:  Application for Paint, Dwelling, New Roof or Landscape Change

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