In attendance: Dennis Peters, Rena Beyke, John and Adean Vitale, Bob and Cheri Stewart, Judy Hossner, Barbara Paul, Dave Anderson, A. McCafferty, Benjamin Giles, Lloyd and Judy Gill, C. Dobson, Mike and Tracey Stills

The annual meeting was held at Western Red Brewing in Poulsbo and was called to order at 7pm

Presidents Report:

1. It was reported that there were 10 people onsite (not including President Dennis Peters, Board members, Rena Beyke and John Vitale, and secretary Adean Vitale). In addition, there were a total of 7 proxies so it was declared that a quorum was present.

2. Recap of Real Estate Sales in DRCO: 3 properties sold in 2021. Prices ranged from $450K to $659K and the average price home was $556K

3. No amendments were made to the Protective Covenants or Bylaws since the 2021 annual meeting.

4. Dennis gave an overview of the “rental covenant.” 75 of the required not less than 85 homeowners have voted on the rental covenant amendment to the Protective Covenants. So far, 76% have voted For and 24% voted Against the amendment. [One additional vote came in at the meeting as a “For” the proposed amendment]. A discussion took place.

5. Dennis gave an overview of the Amendments to Rules & Regulations since last annual meeting:

a. A requirement was added to the Dwelling Change Rule to use the Dwelling, Paint, and/or Landscaping Change form to apply for approval to make any of those changes to a property.

b. The Rule on maintenance of all trees in Deer Run was amended by removing all the references to City of Poulsbo ordinances and regulations except the requirement to obtain city approval for removal of any tree in the HOA and adoption of the city’s tree spacing and location guidelines.

c. The Enforcement Policy and Fines rule was amended to include the options a homeowner has upon receipt of a notification that they are violating a covenant and/or a rule & regulation.

6. The board of directors discussed the current Washington State homeowner association law and the 2018 enacted community property law and decided to stay with the HOA law.

7. The board reviewed the requirements to establish a reserve account and to have a reserve study conducted and determined that DRCO does not need a reserve account because it has minimal assets

8. The project to assist homeowners remove aging Thundercloud Plum trees and replace them with one of two varieties of crabapple trees was completed. Fourteen homeowners participated in the project with the removal of 26 trees; twelve of those trees have been or are expected to be replaced. The other 14 trees are not being replaced because they were located too close to driveways or utility lines.

9. An offer to donate the NGPA land owned by DRCO to the city was approved by the board of directors. That offer to the city was made last June. No response has been received as of today.

10. The city has been asked to conduct a study and consider painting cross walks at busy intersections in Deer Run. The response was that the engineering department is so busy it won’t be able to get around to the request anytime soon.

Treasurers Report:

1. Balance sheet

a. Bank and investment balances
b. Accounts receivable – one unpaid annual dues
c. Lien has been paid in accordance with the settlement agreement

2. Income statement

a. Income +$500
b. Expenses -$900″
c. Net income $4,400 vs budget $3,000

New Business

1. Ratify 2022 budget

a. Insurance – increased coverage limit
b. Legal – potential lien and provision for legal opinion
c. Professional fees – estimated cost to having survey of NGPA corners.

2. There was a vote and the ayes had it: the 2022 Budget was ratified.

3.Nominate and Elect two directors. Bob Stewart was nominated by two people to be a director. There was a vote and the ayes had it: Bob was elected as a director. Judy Hossner nominated Pete Collins (who agreed he would serve if nominated and was out of town so could not be present at the Annual Meeting.) Judy shared Pete wants to keep our community safe. There was a vote and the ayes had it: Pete was elected as a director.

Members Comments and Question: There were no comments or questions from the members present.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.

Board of Directors Meeting
Postpone approval of January minutes until next board meeting.
Elect officers: Since Pete Collins was not present the board meeting would need to be rescheduled.


Adean Vitale, DRCO Secretary