In attendance: Dennis Peters, Rena Beyke, John Vitale, Adean Vitale, Bob Stewart

The meeting was called to order at 5:00pm

The minutes of the July 13, 2021 were approved.

Presidents Report:
1. Meeting with DRCO’s Attorney: As a follow-up and approval from the last board meeting, President Dennis Peters reported on his meeting with the DRCO attorney (at Sherrard, McGonagle, Tizzano & Lind) regarding liens and Small Claims Court. He was advised that liens do not have an expiration date. If a house is sold and the buyer does not require discharge of the lien as a condition of the sale, the lien remains with the property. Dennis also learned that Small Claims Court rulings have a 10-year statute of limitations that may be renewed for an additional 10 years. With a Small Claims Court ruling in its favor, the HOA is able to file a lawsuit in Superior Court. A ruling by that court in favor of the HOA gives it additional collection rights, such as garnishment of assets and wages.

2. Donation of NGPA to City of Poulsbo Update: Dennis reported that after his presentation to Poulsbo Parks & Recreation Department on June 26, 2021 regarding the possibility of NGPA donation to the City, he has been informed that their decision could take time as there is much red tape with the City of Poulsbo in regards to donations of land.

Treasurers Report:
1. Detailed financial statements and copies of financial institution statements were emailed previously to the board members. The account balances and activity including accounts receivable, CD’s liability and budget vs. actual. Rena moved to approve the July and August expenses. John seconded. Motion carried.

Old Business:

1. Amendment to Rules & Regulation regarding signs was presented. The sign rule and the sign approval form were revised and presented to the board. *See Exhibit #1 below. John moved to approve the revised R & R signs. Rena seconded. Motion carried.

2. Amendment to Rules & Regulations regarding trees was postponed because it is not ready for board review.

3. Amendment to Rules & Regulations regarding enforcement of CC & R’s violations was presented to the board. *See Exhibit #2 below. Rena made a motion to approve. John seconded. Motion carried.

New Business:

1. City of Poulsbo approval of proposed rental covenants. The DRCO Protective Covenants require the City’s approval of amendment to the covenants. It was agreed that Dennis would write a letter to the city seeking approval of the proposed amendment. Only 54% of DRCO lots have voted on the amendment as on September 15th.

2. Reserve account RCW 64.38.065. The board reviewed the requirements for a reserve study and determined that DRCO does not need one because the HOA has minimal assets. John moved that a reserve study will not be prepared or updated and, therefore, the assistance of a reserve study professional is unnecessary. Rena seconded. Motion carried.

Good of the Order:

Rena has been speaking with a couple of neighbors asking why they don’t attend board meetings. They suggested a meeting on a Saturday at 10am might work for them. A discussion took place and some of the board members (of which all are volunteers) said they are unable to do weekend meetings due to family obligations. It was agreed that the board would send out an email (or put this in the next newsletter) asking what is a good/convenient time to attend a board meeting and see what type of response we receive.

Execution Session:

Dennis reported on four covenant violations and potential legal issues regarding liens. Of the four, three homeowners have fixed or are working on getting a bid to repair and fix the violations. The fourth was a violation for not getting prior approval to replace a roof, which is a violation of DRCO covenants.

Reconvened Regular Meeting:

As a follow up action to the executive session, John move to charge a 1-time fine of $50 to the homeowner for failure and refusal to apply for approval to install a new roof. Rena seconded. Motion carried.

The meeting was adjourned at 6:45pm.

Adean Vitale, DRCO Secretary

*Exhibit #1:

Amendment to Rules & Regulation regarding signs:

Signs displayed in public view on any lot are limited to one for advertising the property for sale or rent, professional signs of not more than 1 square foot, and one showing the property is protected by a security company. A professional sign is limited to those by a company performing work on the property, e.g. landscaping, roofing, and remodeling. Those signs must be removed immediately upon completion of the work. All other types and sizes of signs are prohibited unless approved in writing by the board of directors in advance of being displayed. To obtain board approval, complete the Sign Approval Form (available on the DRCO website www.drco.org) providing:

~ the sign size,
~ photograph of the sign or the message content of the sign if a photograph is unavailable,
~ location the sign will be placed on the property,
time period during which the sign will be displayed.

Approved signs must be promptly removed by the member at the expiry of the display period.

*Exhibit #2: 

Amendment to Rules & Regulations regarding enforcement of CC & R’s violations:

A. The Board will provide written notification to the Member or Resident (with a copy to the Member) that contains a reference to the relevant CC&R’s violation and a statement of the time period within which the violation is to be corrected.

Upon receipt of that notice, the Member or Resident shall within time period stated in the notice:

~ take the action needed to remedy the violation, or
~ propose a plan acceptable to the Board to remedy the violation, or
~ request an in-person hearing before the board to discuss or contend the violation.

The Board’s decision on the resolution of a CC&R violation is final.